The 411 on Smart Lock Technology

Smart Lock Technology is here

Mobile Smart Lock technology is sweeping the nation and will most likely be the standard of car and home security within the next decade.

While it may be more convenient to simply use your phone to unlock your house or car, how safe is it really when any criminal can use the same app to unlock your door as well?

You’ll want to consider the difference between ultra-convenience and safer, more secure alternatives.

Smartphones do so much already, so this is not a big step into the future, but it is worth considering how safe your car or house actually is with this new technology on the horizon.
Here are some of the reasons we are moving toward this growing trend.

Home Security Apps

With the help of security cameras, we now have applications on our mobile phone that allow us to check our home’s security no matter how far away we are. We can unlock doors remotely and control our entire security system from the touch of a button. And the trend continues to push us to rely more and more on A.I. to make our lives more convenient and exchange autonomy for convenience.

Things we used to do ourselves are now being done entirely by machines. Therefore, will this trend continue and leave homeowners and car owners vulnerable to theft and burglary? Only time will tell.

Car Unlocking Apps

There are more and more apps on the market that make it easier to control your car than ever before. For example, there are apps on the market now that allow you to start your car’s ignition with the touch of a button, or even apps that let you unlock any door in your vehicle from a certain range (as far as 350 feet from some reports). Apps like these may be convenient, but consider how easy it is for criminals to exploit this technology and leave a growing number of car owners vulnerable to theft and vandalism.

Security Implications

What will this smart lock technology boom mean for security in the future? Well, for one, it means that we will rely more and more on technology to make our lives easier and, by extension, keep us safe. For example, the Tesla Model 3 lets you enter the vehicle without ever having to open it with a key.

Therefore, we have to ask ourselves, how much trust are we willing to give these machines, or A.I. (artificial intelligence), at the end of the day, and where will we draw the line in the sand?

Key Takeaways

Let’s face it, smart lock technology is taking over the residential and commercial markets by storm. Indeed, most new car buyers already expect to buy vehicles with a push-to-start feature, making keys more and more obsolete as time rolls on.

If you’re having problems with a smart lock on your house or car, don’t hesitate to give Safes & Keys Services Santa Monica a call. We deal with all the newest smart locks on the market, such as the August Lock and the Ring security system, so contact us today!