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automotive locksmith services in Santa Monica

We have the skills and expertise to perform most ignition key replacement and automotive locksmith services faced in the modern world. Additionally, we have experience in operating various types of vehicles, including the latest brands. We harness up to date equipment in order to have your car unlocked as soon as possible without any damage.

Our technicians work and live near your local area and can respond to your service call in just 20 minutes or less. Additionally, we get the job done at a fast pace and don’t leave until the customer is 100% satisfied. Here are some of our best services out there:

Our Automotive Locksmith Services:

24 hour Automotive Lockout

We provide car lockout services 24 hours a day and help you get back to your life fast.

Broken Key Extraction

If your key broke off in the ignition, our technicians can extract it and make you a new key in *minutes.

Key Duplication

We can make duplicate keys for your side doors, your trunk, and even your steering wheel lock if you have one of those.

Trunk Lockout

Trunk Lockouts can be very difficult to handle, even for a locksmith. Give us a call, and we will work out a plan to mitigate damage as much as possible.

Gas / Oil Delivery

Sometimes, you not only get locked out, but your car gives out on you as well. We can provide spare gas or oil in addition to the service to get you moving again.

Transponder Reprogramming

We reprogram your transponder key so that it communicates with your car’s computer again.

Car Key Replacement

When your key breaks in the ignition or gets jammed in between the door frame, we can fashion a new key for you for much less than you’d pay at the dealer.

Key Fob Service

We service your key fob from minor technical issues to complete reprogramming and replacement.

Ready-Trained Personnel

There is nothing quite as frustrating as experiencing difficulties with your car lock on a dark, busy, and unsecured street. This is why we always have ready-trained personnel waiting to give you a hand any time you are in need. Therefore, Locksmith Santa Monica offers high-quality services 24 hours a day for your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions:

My new car has tight security built into the key, do I have to see the dealer to get a duplicate made?
Sometimes, but not always. Call your local locksmith and request to get a copy made. You will have to give the make and model of the vehicle.

I lost my keys, what should I do?
Call a locksmith. While prices vary, Locksmiths can typically make new keys for most types of locks, including cars and house locks as well.

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We work all over the West LA basin and know exactly what routes to take to get to your location the fastest. Our dispatchers are available right now at (424) 281-7450, so don’t delay, contact us today!